Friday, April 30, 2010

Butterfly Garden

On my visit to Epcot they had a Flower Festival going on. This is my LO of one of the beautiful butterflies flying around in the Butterfly Garden.

Credits:  Pretty Pastels by In The Making. Square One No. 2 Twenty Ten by LivE Designs. Overlay, Jessica Sprague, Thanks Ya Kindly. Fonts:  Hawaii Killer and SP Miss Purkey.

I'm Back

I'm back and boy do I ever need another vacation. Walking around those Disney parks in 90 degree weather, whew. How do these people with little kids do it, I could hardly get myself around. Anyway had tons of fun with my daughter and finally convinced myself that yes, I am to old for roller coasters

{inter}NSD at Jessica Sprague, check it out.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Florida Bound

Off to Florida tomorrow to see Jenny. My sister and her family will be there also so I have a feeling its going to be lots of days at the Happiest Place on Earth. Love that place. Your never to old to find the kid in yourself. See you when I get back. Hope to have lots of pics so I can get started on those LO's.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It was a tense day on Monday waiting, waiting to find out who made the Creative Team at Jessica Sprague.  Finally they announced that it would be up by 8pm. Well at least that ended the constant checking at the site.  Finally they made the announcement and I MADE IT.  OMG it was like hitting the lottery, of course without those millions of dollars but I am proud to be recognized for my artistic talent. Now the work or play, however you want to interpret this comes. Got lots of ideas floating around in my head, now to put them to paper.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Little Something New

Created a new LO today, rather over the past couple of days. Tried a tutorial from Pattie Knox. Mind you this didn't turn out the way hers did but I was happy with the end result. Judge for yourself.

Friday, April 16, 2010

What was he thinking

So anyone who knows me knows how I feel about reality TV, love it.  Last nights Survivor has finally taken the cake.  Do these people watch past seasons.  Duh, what was JT thinking.  Giving the immunity idol away and to make matters worse to someone on the opposite team and then to make matters even worse to Russell.  This has to be the absolute stupidest thing I have ever seen.  I wish I could have reached into the TV and strangled him.  I know tell me, Joan get a life.  Really I don't take this as seriously has it seems, life is stressful enough and I enjoy losing myself in mindless TV.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm All In

As they say in Poker I'm all in on the Creative Team Search at Jessica Sprague's. She is my Photoshop guru and without her I would still be opening the program, scratching my head and then closing it without a clue to how it operates. She also totally rocks as a person. I am leaning to more of an Art Journaling style with my LO's since I don't have any of those little kiddies running around this house and people would probably think I was just plain batty if I kept doing LO's of my dog.

So here are my LO's. Wish me luck.